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are proud sponsors of the 2017 Summer Round-Up!

2017 Michigan Cattlemen’s Association

Summer Round-Up

June 23-24, 2017

MCA Board of Directors Meeting

9:00 AM               NorthStar Cooperative
                              3655 Forest Road, East Lansing, MI 49783

 Education Session – Friday, June 23

1:00 PM                MSU Diagnostic Center for Population and Animal Health                                                4125 Beaumont Rd., East Lansing, MI 48823             

                              Finding the Right Diagnosis

DCPAH provides expert veterinary diagnostics.  Learn how DCPAH can be an invaluable part of your animal health program. 

                             Disease Traceability and RFID

What are the cattle identification requirements?  How is RFID information captured? What happens in a TB trace investigation?  Understand the law and how you’re impacted.   

                              MSU Beef Center

An overview the MSU Beef Center’s teaching, research and extension focus. 

2:00-4:30              Split into 2 Groups for Activities at Farms.  Spend about an hour in each track. 

Green Session      Cow-Calf Barn

        RFID Demo – Led by Dave McElhaney                    

  • RFID Readers and Technology
  • Tags
  • Data Entry

       Current Research in Reproduction – Led by MSU Investigators

  • Estrus Synchronization Protocols
  • Impact of Follicle Count and FSH dosage on Reproductive Techniques
  • Traits Influencing Sale Price of Performance Tested Bulls in Michigan
  • Transmission of Bovine Leukosis Virus by Bulls and Effect on Beef Cow Longevity
  • Survival of Mycobacterium Bovis (bovine TB) in Ensiled Forages

3:15 PM                Scheduled Group Switch

White Session       Feedlot Barn

      Cattle Husbandry & BQA – Led by Kevin Gould

  • Vaccine Storage & Handling
  • Implant Protocol

      Current Research in Cattle Feeding - Led by MSU Investigators                

  • Chute-side blood testing to reduce antimicrobial treatments
  • Effect of dietary nitrate and monensin use on rumen and animal performance
  • Evaluation of Silo-Guard II as a silage amendment
  • Reducing lameness and tail injuries in indoor confined feedlots
  • Impact of feeding distillers grains on air quality

 4:30 PM                Conclude Green/White Sessions

Social Hour, Awards Banquet  & Auction    

   DeWitt Banquet and Conference Center
   1120 Commerce Park Dr. DeWitt, MI 48879

5:30 PM                Social Hour                        

6:30 PM                Awards Banquet

Area Agriculture Tours & Lunch -Saturday, June 24, 2017

8:00 AM               Gather for Coffee & Donuts AgroLiquid World Headquarters                                                                                         3050 W. M-21, St. Johns, MI 48879

8:30 AM               Tour Departs

                GGS Genetics

                Bovine embryo transfer and reproductive services to Michigan’s cattle industry.  The only embryo transfer business in Michigan with approved export facilities for both in-clinic and on-location services.

                Stoney Creek Essential Oils

                Growers and distillers of peppermint, spearmint, and wormwood and the Midwest’s largest producer of spearmint                                                                 

                AgroLiquid world Headquarters and AgroLiquid IQhub

                The IQhub at AgroLiquid is a center for agricultural history, innovation, and exploration. Home   to exhibits highlighting advancement in agriculture from before the pilgrims set foot in the Americas all the way through the present day.

12:30 PM             Lunch Served following AgroLiquid Tour

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