MCA's Mission

The mission of the Michigan Cattlemen’s Association is to represent all aspects of Michigan’s cattle industry and to foster, promote  and protect an environment conducive to profitable beef production through services, activities and policy formation.

The Michigan Cattlemen’s Association (MCA) is a nonprofit organization of beef producers.  MCA strives to promote understanding  and cooperation in the Michigan cattle industry for the common interests of producers, marketing agencies and consumers.  The association coordinates and arranges meetings, tours, and other activities in an effort to promote goodwill and communication in   and for the cattle industry.  In addition, MCA works to represent the Michigan cattle industry in legislative matters and policy formation at the local, state and national levels.  MCA collaborates with cattle and other agricultural organizations from within Michigan, from other states and is an affiliate of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.

The Michigan Cattleman's Association has been serving Michigan's beef producers since it was formed in 1960. Michigan has over 15,000 cattle producers, including cow/calf, feedlots, stocker operations, and veal and dairy farms.

Michigan Cattlemen's Association 12800 Escanaba Drive, Suite A DeWitt, MI 48820
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