MCA Gold Vac 45/ Silver Vac Program

Cattlemen across the state have the opportunity to sell their cattle under the MCA Gold Vac 45 or Silver Vac program, acknowledging that their cattle have met MCA’s "Silver Vac" or "Gold Vac 45" vaccination and preconditioning protocol.  

Basic Requirements

 MCA Gold Vac 45

MCA Silver Vac

1. Initial vaccination:  Modified live or killed virus IBR, BVD, PI3, BRSV Pasturella, Clostridia and Haemophlis Somnus

 Modified live virus IBR, BVD, PI3, BRSV Pasturella, Clostridia and Haemophlis Somnus and de-wormed 14-28 days prior to shipment.

2. Second Vaccination:  Fully Modified-live boosters 3-4 weeks after initial dose and no less than 14 days prior to shipment.


3. Calves must be weaned a minimum of 45 days prior to shipment.  Steers to be properly castrated and cattle are to have been de-wormed with an injectable or pour on product.


Click HERE for example vaccine combinations.

To Participate

1) Download the MCA Gold Vac 45/ Silver Vac Program Form.

2) Complete the form and return it to the MCA office.  Use our Example Vaccine Combinations as a guide for administering the correct vaccines.  

3) MCA will review the form to determine that it is complete, that the producer is an MCA member, and that the cattle are Silver Vac or Gold Vac 45 eligible. 

4) The form will then receive the appropriate approval designation and a copy will be sent back to the producer and to the auction market of destination.

On sale day, make sure your auctioneer announces groups of cattle that are MCA Gold Vac 45/ Silver Vac approved.  To help buyers recognize the MCA health protocol, we have provided each auction market with a rubber stamp of the MCA logo.  The auction market can use the logo on their sale catalog to indicate the groups of cattle that are MCA Gold Vac 45/ Silver Vac approved.

Goals of the MCA Gold Vac 45/ Silver Vac Program

  • Establish a standard health protocol for Michigan feeder cattle
  • Maximize the performance and confidence in Michigan feeder cattle
  • Help producers capture value for providing feeder cattle that are healthy and preconditioned

If you have questions or comments, please contact the MCA office at (517) 347-8117 or MSU Extension Beef Educator, Kevin Gould at or 616-443-2956.  

MCA Gold Vac 45/ Silver Vac Program Form

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